I’ve spent the last 6 weeks reading, researching, and brainstorming how to start a blog. I started with a simple idea to write about everyday things with my sarcastic personality tossed in for good measure. Then I spun out of control. I went rogue. I decided that I would like to try my hand at freelance writing.  I thought my blog could be a good complement to that. I could pitch queries to editors and with a little aside mention, “oh by the way, stop by my blog and see me sometime”.

Ready to write
Cup of coffee
Dog at my feet

That is when I started going in circles. I learned about web traffic, SEOs, Google+ and Facebook. (I am one of the 4 humans left on the planet not on Facebook.) I read that I need a niche to grab people’s attention to compete with the other million plus blogs in the Google-sphere. I thought about it night and day, asked friends for opinions and read every how-to I could find. It went from a fun simple way to write some thoughts and chat with new people to a Lady Gaga concert.

Until one night after being in tears over the fate of this imaginary blog, I decided to stop. Just stop. This is not the idea I started with. This is not what I want. I will leave it to Lady Gaga to fill the stadium. If I send a post out into the universe and you are the only one to read it, that’s ok. If you like it, you can tell a friend. Then I will have two readers.  If she likes it, maybe someday she will tell her sister. And so on. I just want to be the girl sitting on her porch writing her blog with a cup of coffee in my hand and my dog laying at my feet.

If I become an overnight sensation and have to leave WordPress to host my own blog, don’t worry, I will let you know. Both of you.

Until then, Welcome to everydaychick.