Drinking helps me write…and other myths.

I like a glass of wine before bed sometimes. I call it dessert. It’s sweet and relaxing, like chocolate. See? Dessert. I was having a glass of wine the other night and started writing on my little yellow pad. I was thinking of all sorts of wondrous ideas for my blog. I couldn’t write fast enough. The ideas were flowing. I was brilliant and eloquent. I thought, what a great idea. I’m just free-writing. I’m not worrying about sentence structure or editing. I should do this all the time.


Fast forward to that weekend. I pick up my pad, remembering my night of brilliance. I can’t wait to review what I’ve written and spiff it up for a blog post. This is what I see,  “I do my best writing with a glass of wine. Inhibition: gone. Self-censoring? nope not here.”

This is where it goes downhill. “Exercising ,illegible words, yoga, more illegible words” and some sort of scribble. Then a mark where my pen clearly went off the side of the pad. You think I’m kidding? If anyone know what this says, please let me know.

IMG_1244 (2)

So much for my new writing tool. I had such high hopes for us. Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to find a way to be brilliant all on my own. Should be a wild ride.



2 thoughts on “Drinking helps me write…and other myths.

  1. “Wine night lets bond”? That’s all I’ve got.

    This is hilarious, by the way. Also bad to do while drunk: knitting, personality tests, and folding laundry. Feel free to try yourself! (please post pictures)


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