Family comes in all shapes and sizes…and species. I’ve always had a soft spot for animals. The first traumatic experience I remember was watching a Disney movie where an elephant was killed. I distinctly remember my mother consoling me, explaining that the “blood” was really ketchup. I was distraught for days.

There is just something about those furry little faces that melts my heart. It’s part unconditional love, part honesty. Animals never lie. If they like you, you know. If they don’t, you know. Mad at you…oh believe me, ya know.



So I was very excited this Sunday when my family got together for Easter. My niece surprised me by showing up with the newest edition to her family. Meet ‘Twas a Fly Girl, the Collie. She is 6 pounds of adorable. If you can look at this face and not melt…? However, I need to be aware of my human family too.While I was standing with my great-niece, Katelyn,  I looked down at Fly and said, “fluffy kids are so much cuter than human kids”. “Thanks Aunt Lynne”, came the reply before my niece walked away. Oops. “Love ya kid!” I shouted, in a weak attempt at retribution. And I do. But I stand by my original statement.

Don’t feel too bad for Katelyn. She is 16 and 5 inches taller than me. She’ll bounce back.