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It’s been a rough week. We all have them. I haven’t felt well. The weather has been taunting us. After a record breaking March, April is showing her fangs. Mother Nature is reminding us she is in charge. Apparently, she has had a rough week too. And we all must suffer.

My girlfriends have done what girlfriends do. What girlfriends have done for generations. They showed me love and support. They listened, nodded in understanding. Hugs all around (I thank you, my peeps!)

bubblesOne friend sent me the simplest gift that turned out to be so much more. A gift from childhood. Remember childhood? Sure you do. Running with bare feet through the dewy grass, still cold because the sun hadn’t had a chance to warm it yet. Lying on your back, looking up at the clouds that looked like zoo animals. Spending so much time trying to show your friends where the tail of the tiger was that the cloud eventually shape-shifted into something new.

Just thinking about childhood is relaxing. We lived in the moment. That was all there was. Our only agenda was how much fun we could cram into the day before the sun slowly lowered itself, almost without notice, until we couldn’t see without squinting. Porch lights came on, one after the other. Eventually our moms would call us for dinner and the dreaded bath.

As I’m writing this, I have a candle called “Tranquility” burning. The flicker of the flame is mesmerizing. It occurs to me that there should be a candle called “Childhood”. It would smell like wet grass, and sun, and summer. Maybe just a hint of wet dog. I would buy that candle. candle

What is your favorite childhood memory?


4 thoughts on “Bubbles

  1. What a fun blog to read! And what a fun post!

    I feel like I’ll go on for days if I write an entire memory in detail, but your bubbles reminded me of kites. I’ve had two conversations recently about how folks around me haven’t flown kites in ages. One person hadn’t flown one since he was a kid, the other person was my dad, who hasn’t flown one since *I* was a kid. I like to do my best to stay in tough with my inner child, so I do like to remember enjoy simple things like bubbles (!!) or kites, but it actually has still been about four years since I’ve flown a kite! I love the serenity that comes with it, and how you suddenly get lost in something so simple. You feel the wind, the tug of the kite, the colors in the kite, the sun hitting you…

    … and that’s a general favorite memory from childhood. I was so much more observant of the tiniest things: blades of grass, the smell of a spring morning, the difference between how the sun looked in the morning when I began to play compared to the evening when I dreaded hearing my mom call me in for the night. 🙂

    I’m excited to read more posts!


    • Thank you so much for your comments on the blog. Thanks even more for sharing, so eloquently, your favorite childhood memory. I too loved to fly kites, especially at Wells Beach. The ocean breeze makes for some serious kite wind! Here’s to both of us finding our inner child more often.

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