Memorial Day: Let’s Remember What They Are Fighting For

flag2 (2)We went from laughing at the absurdity of Archie Bunker to a whole different kind of absurdity. Political correctness in the United States has run amok. People are so afraid of offending someone we can barely speak at all. It is in American schools. Christmas trees have been replaced with Holiday trees . It is “offensive” to say “Merry Christmas”. To whom? According to random “experts” saying the word “Christmas” might offend a multitude of students, who are or could be: Jewish, Hispanic, African-American, Hindu, Muslim, African, Greek, gingers, and the double-jointed. Ok, I’m being ridiculous. That’s the point!

Let me ask you this. If hordes of people are offended by Christmas, then who am I fighting with to get the last parking spot at Wal-Mart for the entire month of December? Are only “non-Hispanic Caucasians” running to get deals at black Friday? Is the term “black Friday” offensive? I don’t know anymore!

College campuses have been noted in the news in the last couple of years. Not because of the achievements of the students and faculty. Because of the extreme measures colleges will go through to avoid offending someone. You probably recall the California school who asked several students to turn their shirts inside out because they had the American flag on them. The reason? It was Cinco de Mayo and it might offend the Hispanic students. What? They are Americans too! Hello!

Dartmouth College had to cancel a fundraiser because one student, that’s right ONE, felt offended by the use of the word fiesta. It was spelled “Phiesta.” Was this offense due to the misuse of proper spelling? We may never know. Perhaps she was an English major.

I think that example highlights the biggest problem in our PC overzealousness. The many are catering to the few. Most people hear this and shake their heads in disbelief, too afraid to speak up, lest they be called racist.

The reason for this rant is because of the recent news story in a town in Rhode Island. The town of Coventry made their fire department take down American flags and decals from their firetrucks. The Fire District Chairman, Fred Gralinski, likened the fire fighters to terrorists for having the flag on the back of their firetrucks. This is how you treat our heroes? People who put their life on the line to save others? Many of whom are retired military.

On this Memorial Day weekend, let us all stop and remember all the brave men and women of all colors, backgrounds and genetic makeup, all AMERICANS, who have fought for this country. Our country, the United States of America. So we can be free.

Free to fly our flag, the American flag.flag1 (2)

Free to speak as we wish, including saying “Merry Christmas.”

Free to show pride that we are Americans and not to worry that some small-minded person who uses the word “offensive” can take that all away.

Thank you to all the brave men and women who put themselves in harm’s way, away from their families, so we may have these freedoms. Thank you to all the family members who live in fear until their loved ones return home. And thank you to all those who served and didn’t come home. Thank you to their families and I am sorry for your sacrifice as well. Your country owes you and them our gratitude.

For those few who are offended by any of the above, please respect those who gave all, at least for this one weekend. Sincerely, on this Memorial Day, a proud American.

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