Art & Friendship

mom (2)

Mom with her artwork

Over 10 years ago, my mom saw an ad in the paper for art lessons being offered at the local high school. She asked her friend and neighbor, Dawn Lapierre, if she wanted to go. They were delighted when they got to class and saw two familiar faces, Carol and Gale Bailey, also from the neighborhood.  The ladies enjoyed taking the watercolor classes together until the instructor moved away and the class was cancelled.

Not to be deterred, Dawn asked the art teacher at the grade school she worked at if she would teach them. The art teacher, Mary, agreed and rented space in town to teach the class. Eventually, the cost of the lease increased and Mary could no longer afford it. Mom offered her basement as a studio space and the classes continued. These ladies would not be stopped. Even after Mary could no longer teach, they stayed together. They all painted the same picture so they could help one another.



Dawn’s artwork. Dawn and Mom chat while they work.

Every Tuesday from 4-6pm, this group still meets in Mom’s basement for creativity and conversation. Oh yes, and Mom’s famous desserts. My mom is a fabulous cook and her desserts have enticed people for decades. I asked her why she thinks her painting group has stayed together for so long. “We have fun.” I asked her if she thinks it has anything to do with the decadent treats. “They like it,” she replied.

When asked what she most enjoys about painting, she said, “it’s kind of peaceful, until I get to a point where I don’t know how to do it. Then it’s very stressful,”she said with a chuckle. At this point, Dawn arrived and pulled out some recent artwork. I asked her what she liked best about getting together with the group. “Your mother’s desserts!” she said, not missing a beat. “We have a really good time. We don’t always paint. Sometimes, we just talk. Our friendship and camaraderie is the best part.”


Mom’s cherry cheesecakes

They must be doing something right. Not only is their group up to seven, but Mary, the former instructor came back to join the fun. And let’s be serious, the desserts.


Dawn, Mom (Mary Smith), Elizabeth Gaudette and Martha Wright take a break while Kayzar the wonderdog looks on.


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