One (Wo)Man’s Family



Mom’s posse


I called my mom this morning to say hi. She tells me my niece Katelyn is over. While I’m on the phone with her, I hear this odd noise. Blaaaa, Blaaaa. I think maybe she’s watching tv and ignore it. My mom doesn’t say anything about it so we continue our conversation. Blaaaa, Blaaaa. There it is again. Mom is talking away, apparently oblivious.

“Uh…Mom? What is that noise?” I ask.

“Oh, that’s Lamby,” she says, and continues the conversation.

Blaaaa, Blaaaa

“Mom, are you kidding?” I ask. “Katelyn’s lamb is there? Why is she making that noise?”

“Katelyn left the room,” mom says and keeps on chatting, as if there’s nothing unusual going on.

“Ok, Mom, wait, are you being serious?” I ask.

“Yes,” she replies, nonchalantly. “She doesn’t like Katelyn out of her sight.”

“Why is Katelyn’s lamb there?” I say.

A little backstory at this point will be helpful. Katelyn’s parents, Mary and Marcus own Delk Farm. They have pigs, cows, horses, and now, lambs. They also have a collie, Fly. So on to the explanation from my mom.

“Mary and Marcus went to get another dog. They took the baby pig with them. They are getting another pig.” Mom explains.

“They didn’t take the cow with them too?” I joke. “So why do you have the lamb?” I ask.

“The lamb is a baby and needs to be fed often. So Mary dropped her and Katelyn off last night.” she said.

“So , wait, you had a slumber party with a lamb?” I ask.

“Yes,” Mom replies.

“Mom, you know this isn’t a normal family, right?” I ask. Mom chuckles.

Mom mentions that this would be a good blog story. So of course, I need to get the facts. “The lamb’s name is Lamby?” I ask.

“No, its Fudge.” Mom says.

“Why Fudge?” I say.

“Because she’s brown.” Mom answers, like I’m the odd one here.

More backstory: my niece, Stephanie, is having a baby next month. My mom has been around kids her whole life. She has 3 grandchildren, 5 great -grandchildren, and used to own a kindergarten. When we went to visit my friend’s baby recently, I teased Mom that she needed the practice with babies.



Stevie and Gigi hanging out


“Mom, you know when I said you needed to brush up on your baby skills, I meant human babies, right?” I quip.

Another chuckle.








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