I Know an Author!

emily    A real live breathing author. Not the way I “know” Stephen King or Jodi Piccoult. I actually know her. If you can’t tell, I’m a little excited. My friend and co-worker Emily C. Reynolds has just published her first novel and I couldn’t be prouder! Any writers/bloggers out there understand this completely. One of our own made it! Yes!! A victory for us all.

Writers know so much rejection and disappointment that it is amazing any of us continue on. We reach out for some proof of success from other newcomers. We can taste their victory, sweet on our lips, like that latte macchiato we are hopped up on after breakfast.


Emily’s published book is Picture Perfect, a Christian romance novel. I enjoyed it very much and Emily has been kind enough to offer a free e-book to one lucky everydaychick blog reader. You can enter by posting a comment on either of the two blog posts about Picture Perfect. Emily will also be entertaining questions and comments about the book. Facebook readers can enter too, by signing up for everydaychick.net and putting in a comment.  This contest is now closed.

There are several ways this writing community can help support her.

  1. Buy Picture Perfect. It is only $7.99 and available in paperback at Amazon.
  2. Share this post. The more bloggers and writers support each other, the better!
  3. Go to Emily’s website emilycreynolds.com
  4. After reading Picture Perfect, write a review on Amazon.
  5. Share this on your Facebook page.

Congratulations, Emily!


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