How much are you willing to do to make the world a better place?


Personally, I think I can do better. I have always cared about the environment. I started a recycling club in junior high. (I’ve always been cool, too. Obviously.) I separate my recyclables. I cut the plastic soda rings so birds don’t get tangled in them. I bring reusable bags to the grocery store…most of the time. I even paid extra for the conservation license plates. Can anyone do better than that?

Well, yes! Bea Johnson writes a blog about zero waste. Never heard of it? Neither had I. She has changed her lifestyle in such a monumental way that the amount of trash she accumulates in one year fits in a glass mason jar. Ok, maybe I can do a little better.

Bea has inspired me to think about how far I am willing to go to better the planet. I clearly have room for improvement. I bet you do too. So I have decided to tackle this little thing called sustainability. That’s right. I’m goin’ green!


I want to try new things. Even if they make me uncomfortable. I know some things may not work out. Full disclosure: I’m never going to have just one mason jar of trash. To quote Taylor Swift, “Like. Never.”

This will be a journey we can take together. I will show you things I try that work. I will show you things I try that don’t. (I’m not sure I can commit to composting.) I will share books, resources, and blogs I find that give me inspiration.

What do you say? Want to be imperfect with me? Here we go…