My first task in going green(er) is to take a look around me. I know I am not going to be the next zero waste environmental hero. But I can improve. I am starting with whittling down my plastic use. Man, it’s everywhere! plastic2

I took some of the items from my bathroom that are made or packaged with plastic. Wow! That is a lot of plastic. Also, the irony of storing my plastic bottles in a plastic container did not escape me. Don’t judge.

The next thing I realize is that the item I replace the plastic with has to be a better alternative than the current item. Sounds obvious doesn’t it? It did to me too. Until I planned to replace my small plastic soap dispenser with a reusable soap dispenser. And how was I going to fill that new eco-friendly dispenser? With a much larger plastic bottle of soap. Newbie mistake.

Last eco-realization of the day: I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m not an expert. I’m more of a tryer-outer. Lucky for me, (and you), there are experts available on every green subject imaginable. So I will be getting my inspiration and information from them. I will share websites, books, and ideas I find along the way.

My first stop is, a website/blog written by a lovely young woman named Kathryn. The fact that she has a picture of a beautiful white German Shepherd under the heading, “Meet the Fam”, only endears her to me more. I downloaded her free Zerowaste e-book.

Kathryn’s rules are simple.

  1. Refuse – Don’t buy things you don’t need. There is no waste with no product.
  2. Reduce – The less you have, the less you waste.
  3. Reuse – Here is where she and I diverge. I am not using a hankerchief. Eeww.
  4. Rot – We will come back to the composting idea later. This is my first day. Baby steps, people.
  5. Recycle

Kathryn ends with a great statement. “Being conscious is half the battle.”