I began my less waste journey about a month ago. The obvious changes were easy. I now use reusable containers for water and ice tea. My garbage service ( I live in the country and am sick of driving to the dump every week) has implemented single-source recycling. Good timing!

But I wanted to be a bit more creative than that. So I started thinking about original ways to curb my plastic addiction. Here are a few changes I made. I would love to hear some of your original ideas for how to go green.

Dental care
Individual dental Flossups sound like a great idea. Until you realize you just purchased a bag of plastic. Those little green handles will sit in the ground long after your great-grandchildren have graduated from college. I switched back to the typical floss. If you want to really be a green hero, you can purchase refillable floss from everythingbutplastic.com.

My first fail
They also sell bamboo straws. That will be my first purchase. I attempted to stop using straws at restaurants. When we went out to breakfast last week, my husband asked why I wasn’t using a straw. I looked at him and cheekily said, “I’m saving the world, one straw at a time.” I then took a sip of my ice tea, sans straw. The ice shifted and my ice tea spilled all over my lap. Without looking at my husband, I grabbed the straw off the counter, tore off the wrapper and plopped it in my drink. “I’ll save the world another way,” I muttered.

I also wanted to make a change at work. I bought my entire department new silverware to replace the fine plastic cutlery we are so used to. I should probably tell you I work in a department of two. But still… I also borrowed (read: stole) some dishes from the break room to replace the paper plates we were tossing out several times a day. It’s going well and my co-worker and I have yet to fight over whose turn it is to do the dishes.


Nice Curves
My favorite and most surprising change was swapping out disposable razors for razors with a disposable blade. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this. It seemed like a manly thing to buy. I was hoping to find a feminine choice in stereotypical pink. No luck. But the new razor I bought has a swivel head. It makes maneuvering curves so much easier. I haven’t attempted to change the blade yet. I’m not the most graceful person. I hope I don’t end up in the emergency room, needing stitches.

The most enjoyable part of this so far has been thinking creatively about the choices I make each time I purchase something. So many fabulous companies offer great alternatives that I look forward to replacing my plastic choices with more sustainable options.

Check out these eco-friendly online shops.


Cell phone cases:  https://pelacase.com/

Sunglasses:  https://www.sea2see.org/

Skin care and makeup:  https://credobeauty.com/

What small things have you done to reduce your plastic use? What stores have you found that sell environmentally sound products?