I am going through a big change in my life. A, “one door closes, another one opens,” kind of change. This brings on feelings of stress, sadness, excitement, anticipation, and even joy. I feel a little misplaced in the world right now.


I have been thinking about doing yoga again. I have done Bikram Yoga in the past. This is the style of yoga you do in a room that is at least 95 degrees. I like to refer to it as doing yoga on the sun.

I thought it would be nice to do something a less intense. I want to feel grounded. I want to find my new “place.” I want to be centered. I know, I know. It sounds a little bohemian. But when we go through life changes, and we all do, being grounded is exactly what we need.

So I went to yoga this morning, reminding myself it was just a yoga class. Don’t oversell it. Well, it was just a yoga class. And it was so much more. When you join a yoga class, you are making yourself really vulnerable. You can’t hide your lumps and bumps. You get sweaty. You attempt moves your body may not be down with. (I actually fell over in one such attempt.) And no one laughs at you. Everyone respects the vulnerability you bring to yoga. We can’t grow if we never allow ourselves to be vulnerable.


At the end of the class, our instructor had us lay on our backs and just breathe and relax. The window was open and I could hear the birds chirping. It was quite zen. The room was silent for several minutes. When the instructor began to speak again, even the birds went silent. “Let the journey begin,” she said.

And so I will.